Complete updated schedule! NACE CNV-Brazil/USP Seminar

Updated schedule of the Seminar 1964-2024: The Brazilian Dictatorship in Historical and Comparative Perspective


DAY 1 – WEDNESDAY – 03/20
9:00-10:00 – Accreditation
10:00-12:00 – TABLE 1 – Dictatorships and the Latin American Cold War
  • Eleonora Natale (King's College) – Latin American Cold War and military identities: an ethnographic approach to officers of the Argentine dictatorship
  • Julieta Rostica (Universidad de Buenos Aires) – How to think about the Latin American Cold War and at the same time contribute to memory, truth and justice? An example of a historical sociology investigation from a transnational perspective
  • Gianfranco Caterina (IRI-USP) – Under the shadow of Aswan: perspectives for economic and technical cooperation between Brazil and the USSR (1962-1964)
  • Felipe Loureiro (USP), mod.
12:00-14:00 – Lunch
14:00-16:00 – TABLE 2 – Authoritarianism and State repression
  • João Roberto Martins (UFSCar) – The British government and torture in Brazil (1971-1977)
  • Maud Chirio (Gustav Eiffel) – The reasons for the torturers: reflections on access to the subjectivity of agents of repression in the military dictatorship
  • Tatyana Maia (UFJF) – State, censorship and culture: the role of intellectuals in the MEC (1967-1985)
  • Antônio Montenegro (UFPE), mod.
16:00-16:30 – Coffee
16:30-17:00 – Official opening
17:00-18:30 – Conference 1
  • James Green (Brown University) – Resistance to dictatorship, Generation 77 and the militancy of the “Homosexual Movement”
  • Felipe Loureiro (IRI-USP), mod.
18:30-19:00 – Book launch
DAY 2 – THURSDAY – 03/21
9:30 – 12:00 – Screening at CINUSP of Behind Closed Doors (2023), by João Pedro Bim, with debate after the screening with the presence of the director and Eduardo Morettin and Marcos Napolitano

Address: Rua do Anfiteatro 109, Colmeias, Favo 04 – Cidade Universitária

12:00-13:00 – Lunch
13:00-14:30 – Work panels – Axes 1 to 5
Panel 1 – Dictatorships and the Latin American Cold War – ROOM A
  • Rejane Carolina Hoeveler (UFF) – The Council of the Americas and the business-military dictatorship in Brazil: the United States, the politics of business and the business of politics 
  • Isabella Villarinho Pereyra (UFRJ) – Military Dictatorship and Religious Cold War: the transnational action of the Cruzada do Rosário em Família (1960-1964) 
  • Thiago Fidelis (Uem) – Revisiting the João Goulart government: historical and historiographical discussions 
  • Mediator: Gianfranco Caterina (postdoc IRI-USP) 
Panel 2 – Authoritarianism and State repression – ROOM C
  • Murilo Motta (USP) – “Under the government of gorillas”: the persecution of homosexual employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in times of AI-5 
  • Ivan Lopes Bezerra Ferraz (IRI-USP) – The Brazilian military dictatorship in the face of the global environmental regime 
  • Johnnatan David Bias Monteiro (UFF) – Problems of the Present Time: the civil-military dictatorship and 1968, 50 years later 
  • Mediator: Alessandra Castilho (Cipó Platform) 
Panel 3 – Dictatorship and cultural life I – CONGREGATION ROOM
  • Lúcia Tormin Mollo (UnB) – Beyond selling books: the bookstore as a space to confront the Brazilian military dictatorship (1964-1985) 
  • Juliana Proença de Oliveira (USP) – Considerations on the past and future of censorship against the visual arts in Brazil: the Volpini case
  • Mediator: Daria Jaremtchuk (EACH-USP)
Panel 4 – Post-dictatorship dictatorship and transitional justice I – ROOM D
  • Filipe Botelho Soares Dutra Fernandes (UFSCar) – Mapping of University Truth Commissions in Brazil (2012-2015): an initial exploratory characterization
  • Natália Aparecida Godoy da Silva (UFF) – The historiography about the military dictatorship in the report of the National Truth Commission: an analysis based on the texts “historical context of serious violations” and “civilians who collaborated with the dictatorship” 
  • Mediator: Pedro Ernesto Fagundes (Ufes) 
14:30-15:00 – Coffee
15:00-17:30 – TABLE 3 – Dictatorship and cultural life
  • Janailson Macêdo Luiz (UNIFESSPA) – The hammer, the sickle and the drum of the forest: about the relations between communists, terecozeiros and other enchantments (Guerrilha do Araguaia, 1972-1975)
  • Marcelo Ridenti (Unicamp) – Culture and politics under the military dictatorship: intellectuals between opposition and complicity
  • Miliandre Garcia (UNESPAR) – Confronting the Brazilian military dictatorship from the perspective of artistic and theatrical resistance
  • Dária Jaremtchuk (IEA-USP), mod.
17:30-18:00 – Coffee
18:00-19:30 – Conference 2
  • Marieta Ferreira (FGV and UFRJ) – Teaching History and Brazilian Dictatorship
  • Marcos Napolitano (mod)
DAY 3 – FRIDAY – 03/22
9:00-11:00 – TABLE 4 – Civil society, participation and resistance
  • Daniel McDonald (Oxford University) – Theology of the city: the theological roots of the progressive Catholic Church in urban Brazil
  • Regina Guimarães Neto (UFPE) – Amazon: history, devices and technologies of power (from the last three decades of the 20th century)
  • Rodrigo Patto Motta (UFMG) – Adhesion, accommodation, resistance: a typology of social attitudes
  • Rafael Ioris (University of Denver), mod.
11:00-11:30 – Coffee
11:30-13:00 – Work panels – Axes 1 to 5
Panel 5 – Dictatorship and cultural life II – ROOM A
  • Mariana Rodrigues Rosell (USP) – Papa Highirte and Latin America: the dissonant dialogues of Oduvaldo Vianna Filho
  • Paula Costa Nunes de Carvalho (USP) – “What about Sergio Mendes?” – Trajectories of arrangers who immigrated to the United States (1965–1977) and their repercussions in the Brazilian press
  • Mediator: Danielle Rached (IRI-USP) 
Panel 6 – Post-dictatorship dictatorship and transitional justice II – ROOM C
  • Ariel Cherxes Batista (Ufes) – The Brazilian democratic transition and its impacts in the present time: new republic and Bolsonarism
  • Jessica Holl (Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main) – Transformative Reforms as an opportunity to overcome Gender Inequalities: Reflections on the Brazilian transition. 
  • Guilherme Gouvêa Soares Torres (Ufes) – (Re)Constructing the past: transitional justice in PT governments (2003-2016) 
  • Mediator: Arthur Capella (IRI-USP) 
Panel 7 – Post-dictatorship dictatorship and transitional justice III – ROOM D
  • Pedro Henrique Aquino de Freitas (USP) – Transitional justice and judicial decisions in Brazil: limits to accountability for the serious human rights violations of the military dictatorship
  • Júlia Guimarães (UFMG) – Dispute of narratives about the civil-military dictatorship in decisions of the supreme federal court: what does March 31, 1964 represent in the decision to Suspension of Injunction 1,326/RN? 
  • Raquel Cristina Possolo Gonçalves (UFMG) – “We are no longer exactly alive” – opinions from the CA/MJ and possible approaches to Never the Fire Never 
  • Mediator: Carolina Campos Melo (PUC-Rio)
13:00-14:00 – Lunch
14:00-16:30 – TABLE 5 – The dictatorship in the post-dictatorship
  • Ana Catarina Zema (CLACSO) – Repairing the irreparable: the challenges of transitional justice for indigenous peoples in a comparative perspective
  • Camille Goirand (Sorbonne-Paris III) – From regimes to actors: categories for thinking about Latin American rights
  • Carla Osmo (UNIFESP) – The unfinished process of Brazilian transitional justice and the field of reparation
  • Luis Moreno Ocampo (USP Professor)
  • João Roriz (UFG), mod.
16:30-17:00 – Coffee
17:00-18:30 – Conference 3
  • Marina Franco (Universidad San Martin) – Transition, democracy and new rights: dilemmas to mount
  • Angélica Müller (UFF), mod.

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